Our Mission
To empower young adults to learn about personal finance and to think like an investor by contributing to decision making of a fund.

We hope to teach you how to think like an investor through a fund focused on both value and technical analysis. The fund will give insight into the logic and analytical style of financial firms that are at the forefront of shaping markets all over the world. While final decisions will be made by the board, we hope to connect members through a social media experience where participants can pitch, discuss, and vote on ideas on what to invest in.
Our Name
Candlestick Charts are the primary charts that traders use. Every candle tells a story and reflects someone in the world acting upon his or her intuition and emotions. While Candlestick Charts fall in the realm of technical analysis, it is also very important to understand the fundamentals of a company. Whether you are interested in a career in investments or simply want to learn casually, we hope that this site provides a concise introduction to the financial markets and ignite your curiosity in taking control of your personal finance.
Future Content
Our Introduction to Technical Analysis course is a robust yet concise foundation to stock chart analysis. In the future, we hope to provide video courses on topics such as forex, day trading, advanced analysis techniques, risk management, portfolio management, and advanced trading strategies.
Our Team
Albert Mao
CEO and Fund Manager

I was first introduced to the stock market in the 6th grade when I clicked on an advertisement to a free stock market webinar! I remember the first time I saw a stock chart and realized that it was the result of millions of people from all over the world interacting with one another. Specifically, I was fascinated with candlestick charts (see technical analysis lesson 1!) and hence the name of this site! Each candle tells a story about what people are thinking at a current point in time.

Today, I am both a value and technical analyst. The day after the webinar, I went to the library and read The Essential Buffett by Robert G. Hagstrom and have been equally fascinated by how Buffett thinks.

I have taken over 30 courses on the stock market including risk management, forex, and advanced trading strategies. In high school, I realized there was a lack of personal finance education and taught a stock market class for three years. However, I realized that this same problem existed in colleges across the nation!

I am extremely passionate about helping others take control of their own finances and I hope this platform provides the most concise education on the stock market. I am a sophomore at Harvard University planning on studying Applied Mathematics.


I still remember the day Albert approached me in the tenth grade and told me that he wanted to teach people about the stock market. I thought that stocks were something that only rich people dabbled in, but as I learned more, I was shocked that so few people understood something so important. With information only a few taps away and Robinhood lowering the barriers to entry, I believe that everybody should have the opportunity to educate themselves about and participate in the stock market.

I am a sophomore at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am majoring in Course 6-2 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), and also plan to minor in Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering). My hope is to build the holy grail of computer programs: an artificial intelligence that will analyze stocks and trade for me.

Eric Wang
Director of Investment Research

My name is Eric Wang, and I’m currently a Freshman at New York University pursuing a Finance concentration at the Stern School of Business. I have experience from roles at State Street and Fidelity in the past, and, during my time at these firms, I developed a profound interest for finance and trading. Although I have acquired a solid foundation for securities trading through my experiences, I’m constantly looking for opportunities to deepen my understanding and sharpen my financial acumen. While I still have much to learn, I’m putting my the skills and knowledge I currently possess to support the Candle Growth Fund by leading investment research.

Samir Damji
Head of Value Investing

For me, it’s not about investing in stocks. It’s about investing in great businesses.

My name is Samir Damji, and I am a rising sophomore at Harvard from Vancouver, Canada. My past experience includes working as a Wealth Management Intern at RBC in Vancouver and as a Research & Development Intern at AIP Asset Management in Toronto. My eureka moment was when I built a tech startup in high school, a defining experience that exposed me to the intriguing complexity of business success. The process of developing a business from the ground up had a harmonious blend of ambiguity and precision, of rude-awakening rationality and invigorating imagination. I left from this experience desiring to engage with businesses at large; not merely as a consumer, but instead with an inquisitive, critiquing eye towards their operations. When exposed to the idea of investing with a margin of safety in college, it became a vehicle for me to actively pursue this passion.

I continue to sharpen my business acumen through collaborating with the diverse talent behind the Candle Growth Fund. The innovative structure of the fund is something I believe has tremendous potential, and I am proud to be able to bring my passion for value investing.

David Shen

Hi! My name is David Shen, and I’m a freshman at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. I’ve done a few programming and software development internships at startups, but enjoyed working on my own personal projects a bit more (you can see them on my own website). I built some of the frontend and all of the backend for this website, which provided an interesting opportunity to learn new technologies like React. I love programming and have a strong “learn by doing” mentality—I first taught myself to code by building Minecraft plugins—and especially enjoy the thrill of diving headfirst into a large project like this one without much prior knowledge but learning a lot as it progresses.

Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one's financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. All content and online support/coaching services are designed to create a forum which can help readers and subscribers for educational purposes only.